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How to Make Iceberg Coasters with the Square Geode Coaster Mold

When I was making coasters with one of my square geode coaster molds I had a thought that the mold looks similar to an iceberg! I wanted to create an “Iceberg” coaster! This a great resin art tutorial for beginners! You do not have to worry about popping every single bubble.

Here is what I came up with and I want to share it with you! Feel free to add any of your own colors or other ideas you may have! I love these iceberg coasters! I Think one of the unique things about them is the fact that you can actually leave some bubbles in your resin. It helps to give the coasters more of an authentic iceberg look! 

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Supplies for Making Iceberg Resin Coasters

  1. Square Resin Geode Coaster Mold
  2. Blue Strips of sequins (Click Blue color)
  3. Stone coat Countertops Quick Coat Epoxy Resin
  4. Disposable Gloves
  5. Plastic Cups
  6. Popsicle Sticks

How to Make Iceberg Resin Coasters

Wear gloves! Mix the quick coat resin according to the manufacturers directions. You will mix equal parts of A into equal parts of B. Mix with popsicle stick for two minutes. Once resin is mixed pour a layer of clear resin into each square geode shape coaster on the mold. Use a heat gun to pop any bubbles. But leaving a few bubbles can add to the Iceberg effect.

square resin geode coaster mold

Once you have poured your first layer of resin let this layer fully dry. If you are using the quick coat this will take about 4 hours. When the first layer has completely hardened you are ready to cut the sequin strips! Cut the sequin strips to fit the size of the coaster mold. Leave enough space on each side of the sequin strip so that resin can be poured. Place the sequin strips on top of the first layer of resin.

square resin agate geode coaster mold

After sequin strips have been placed on top of the hardened resin you are ready to mix another batch of resin! This layer will seal in the sequin layer. Mix resin as you did in the first step. Pour resin over the sequin strips. Make sure to pour it thick so that it completely covers the sequin strips. Pop some of the bubbles with heat gun. Leave a few bubbles to add to the iceberg effect.  Let this layer completely Harden. About 4 hours.

Great job!! After the coasters are fully cured you are ready to remove them from the mold and look at your beautiful iceberg coasters! Way go go!

square resin iceberg geode agate coaster mold
Do you like the iceberg coasters? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. For 10% off the square resin geode coaster mold enter "letspaintfurniture" at checkout!

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