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Where does my item ship from?

Our resin molds are shipped directly from us! We are located in Arkansas, U.S. We ship all orders from North East Arkansas. Please view our Instagram highlights for our "Reviews" and Happy Customer experience.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We do provide International shipping to most countries. If you have a question on weather we ship to your country please email us at support@shopresinmolds.com  


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes on all U.S. orders. We pay these fees so you don’t have to! The total billed at checkout is the final amount you pay. :) If you are international you will have to pay shipping at checkout. 

Do You offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing for your craft store, Etsy shop or Ebay shop. Please email us at support@shopresinmolds.com for a detailed wholesale pricing sheet. :)  

Do I have to use a Mold Release in your molds?

No. Our molds are designed for resin artists. They are made with a glossy or shiny surface. No mold release is necessary to use in our molds.

Can I use a Torch with My Mold?

NO! DO NOT USE A TORCH to pop bubbles in your resin with silicone resin molds! This will melt the mold to your resin and is NOT safe! ONLY USE A HEAT GUN to pop bubbles in your resin.