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How to Make Red and Gold Glitter Geode Resin Coasters

With Valentine’s Day approaching I want to share with you all how you can make beautiful coasters for the upcoming holiday! When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of hearts and pink and red colors. Keeping that in mind lets create some coasters!

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Supplies for Making Pink and Gold Coasters

  1. Resin
  2. Geode Coaster Mold
  3. Mica Powders
  4. Heat Gun
  5. Gold Fine Glitter
  6. Popsicle Sticks
  7. Disposable Gloves
  8. Disposable Plastic Cups

Steps to making Pink and Gold Coasters

Begin by making sure the inside of your mold is clean and free of any lint or dust (molds can easily be cleaned with soap and water.) Once mold is clean you are ready to mix your resin! Mix resin according to manufacturers directions. Typically this is for two minutes (you will pour A into B in the plastic cups and stir with your popsicle stick.)

round resin geode silicone coaster mold for sale


After resin has been mixed divide the resin into three new plastic cups. Once the resin has been divided add gold glitter to one cup and stir the glitter just until incorporated.


adding gold to resin for geode coaster mold silicone agate

Once the gold has been stirred you are ready to pour it in the center of your geode coaster mold!

pouring gold resin into silicone geode coaster agate mold


Next add your pink and red mica powders into individual plastic cups and mix them until the colors have incorporated into the resin. Once mixed pour the red and pink colors in a circular pattern on the outside of the mold. You can alternated with your gold glitter resin if you would like!

This is the fun part where you are the designer and get to create your coasters the way you would like them to look!

pouring resin into silicone resin geode agate coaster mold epoxy

After you have poured your gold glitter and reds and pinks you are ready for your layer of clear! Pour a clear layer of resin in the middle (there should be a part without resin this is where the clear layer goes.)

Now for the fun part! You will need a tooth pick!

Starting at the edge of your mold drag a tooth pick through your resin in lines.

Have you all ever made a “marble” cake with batter? Where you have yellow batter and chocolate batter? This is the same technique only with a tooth pick instead of a knife!

How to make design in resin with geode coaster silicone agate mold

Once you have created your design lightly pop any bubble with a heat gun!

resin geode coaster mold with resin pink and gold agate

Once bubbles have been popped your pink and gold resin geode coasters should look similar to the picture above!! You did an AMAZING job!! Let this sit over night to fully cure. In the morning you are ready to remove them from the mold and enjoy your new set of coasters!

resin agate slice geode coaster mold silicone

resin geode coaster agates slice silicone mold how to use resin

Do you have questions about resin? If so leave a comment below! I will answer them. 

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