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How to Make Square Coffee Bean Coasters with Resin

When I think of coffee my mind goes to early mornings, good smells, that “wake me up” feeling, good vibes and energy! So naturally when I came across an amazing photo on Pinterest of coffee bean coasters I HAD to make some! The artist I saw on Pinterest had put the coffee beans in resin with glitter. Their shape was square and they looked so modern and perfect! I HAD to try and make these beautiful coffee beans coasters!

I want to give a shout out to Hand Made With Ashley! I followed her tutorial! It worked great!

Affiliate disclosure: “This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”

Supplies for Making Coffee Bean Coasters

  1. Stone coat Countertops Epoxy
  2. Square Shape Resin Mold
  3. Plastic Cups– I use these plastic cups from the Dollar Tree!
  4. Heat Gun
  5. Glitter
  6. Popsicle sticks – I also buy these from the Dollar Tree!
  7. Coffee Beans

Steps to Making Coffee Bean Coasters

NOTE: Please wear disposable gloves! Nit

Begin by mixing equal parts of resin to equal parts of hardener. There is one bottle labeled A and bottle labeled B. Pour A to the first line a plastic cup. Then pour B to the first line of a new plastic cup. Pour A into B (or B into A you really just need to mix the equal parts that you have measured together.) Mix for two minutes with a popsicle stick. Once resin has been mixed for two minutes you are ready to pour into the mold. Pour resin into mold and let fully Harden. If you are using Stone Coat quick coat this should only take about 15 minutes!  Try to work quickly and carefully!

NOTE: I did use Stone Coat Countertops epoxy (Not the quick coat) because it is what I had on hand after doing countertop jobs. I had to wait over night for each layer to fully cure! The quick coat should help you make these in a day!

Mold with one layer of resin poured

Once first layer of resin has cured you are ready to mix another layer of resin! Follow the steps to mix resin as you did before measuring equal parts of A to equal parts of B. Mix them together for two minutes. Pour into mold. This is the layer you will add the coffee beans too! Yae! SO exciting!

how to mix resin for coffee bean decor coasters
ready to pour second layer of resin

After you have mixed your second layer of resin you are ready to pour the resin into the coaster mold! Pour resin into each square mold. Now for the fun part! Add your coffee beans! You can arrange your coffee beans in any pattern you would like! Add as many or as few of coffee beans that fits your style.

NOTE: Pop any bubbles in the resin as you go with the heat gun!

adding coffee beans to epoxy resin coasters
Beginning to add coffee beans
Coffee beans arranged in resin

Let this new layer with the coffee beans fully cure. After the coffee bean layer has cured you are ready to add another clear coat of resin on top! You’ll want to mix your resin just as you have done in the before two steps. Mixing equal parts to equal parts. Once mixed pour this clear layer over the coffee beans and let cure.

how to make resin coasters with coffee beans
pouring clear coat over coffee beans

Once your clear coat of resin is cured you are ready for your final coat of resin! This coat is fun! It is where you get to add your glass glitter! You’ll need to mix resin just as you have done with your previous layers. Mixing equal parts of A into equal parts of B. After you have mixed the resin add about a heaping tablespoon of the glass glitter to the resin! Mix well and pour this layer over the coffee bean layer! 

NOTE: For a more affordable square mold go to shopresinmolds.com. Use code letspaintfurniture for 10% off. FREE SHIPPING.

stirring glitter into resin
stirring glitter into resin
Pouring the glitter coat!

Great job on pouring all of these layers!! Let your final little coat fully cure and pop any bubble with a heat gun! 

Your final coasters should look something like the picture below! These are perfect gifts to make for the coffee lover in your life!

Final picture! Coffee Bean Coasters!
Perfect size for coffee mugs!

Do you have a coffee lover in your life who would LOVE these coasters? Are you excited to give this tutorial a try? How adorable would these be as a Christmas gift?

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